Ray Campeau
   The paintings that I have completed
for this exhibit fall into two genres. The
first contains a series of personal visual
responses to segments of the
architectural footprint in uptown Butte.
These paintings were executed in my
own idiosyncratic manner of painting in
The second group of paintings, is the
result of my adopting a new medium with
which to paint. The medium, acrylic
latex, does not respond like oil,
watercolor or acrylic paints and
therefore offers a new challenge with
every mix or brush stroke. Every time I
complete one of these paintings I
wonder who did it. I am sure that I will
have to greatly expand my output of
these before I will be able to identify
them as being a part of my painting
techniques vocabulary. I hope that you
enjoy observing the early results of my
new painting challenge as much as I
have in their creation.  
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